Thursday, December 22, 2005

My Week

Well hey guys! I thought i would just tell you all about my week.

Sunday: THE COLTS LOST!!!!agh!!! that made me really mad, especially since the Blakes went!lol

Monday: i had a Spanish final that was kinda hard. I got like a C on that. stink.

Tuesday: i had a history and english final. Got good grades on those. I went Christmas shopping with Abbie and got all my friends christmas presents and spent all of my money!:-)

Wednesday: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL OF 2005!!! Robbie Summer's skit was hilarious and Miguel was really good! I almost got in an accident during my all-star drive. (it was a blonde moment) My Grandma came and we went to the Dutton's house and i learn how to play black-jack and 5 card stud. it's fun!

Today: Finished my brother's Christmas present and had another all-star drive. That went well and tonight we opened Christmas presents b/c we are leaving tomorrow to go to Myrtle Beach.

Well i have to go for now. (i haven't packed yet) :) I'll try to post more later tonight. Luv ya'll and have a wonderful, relaxing, stress-free Christmas Break!