Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Hey Guys! My week is going okay. The soccer guys are leaving today, which is like half of our class!lol well, last night was the Heritage Hall game and the JV vball won, but Varsity lost by ONLY 3 points! it was an awesome game! Lindsey says hi by the way!lol Yeah, Lindsey did something to her leg/knee yesterday, so she couldn't play last night, which was a real bummer, but it was probably good that she didn't have to ride on the bus on the way home. So, i really can't think of anything to write.

Mr. Blake's dad died Sunday morning so keep them in your prayers. OH!!!! i have a couple of verses for you guys: well actually i have a quote, but will do the verses later:

"Every one of us has a measure of advesity,
And God Himself is the One who measured it out.
And for that reason,
every person has something in his or her life
That God doesn't want to hear complaints about."