Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Hey Everyone! Well retreat was today and yesterday. It was great! I definately think that it was better than last year's. My favorite skit last night was Mr. Heim's....THE HORSE!!!lol. He really looked like mr. Harmless with those glasses! crazy. The services were really good and our testimony time was awesome. it was amazing what alot of people did this summer. Today though we had our student mentor meeting w/ Mr. Grass. He gave us an assignment to sit with someone who we were close to at lunch and just talk about God! He also told us to talk about our goals for the school year. I was with Lindsey, Emily H, and Justin. We had a good time. We went around and told one goal and then we just talked about each person's goal and how we can help each other in that way, etc. One thing Justin said was throughout the day reminding yourself what your goal is. LIke what is your goal in saying something sarcastic to someone. Or what is my goal in going to this activity or whatever you're doing. So, if your goal in doing that or saying something isn't to glorify or please God, then it's a sin. But the whole focus of doing this is to see where your heart is and your main focus. Is it to please God, yourself, or others. We started to try it throughout that afternoon, and man! It is HARD. Just saying one little comment can be a sin or something that isn't pleasing to God. Well, since we had to share our goals, i'm going to post mine:

1. To be more of a spiritual leader. Making sure that I talk about God througout the day and not be embarassed about it.

2. Making sure that God IS #1 in my life. Mr. Grass asked some ?'s today and one of them was: "who is the Lord of your life?" Is it really Christ in mine or is it me? To be honest it is me ALOT!

3. To add on to the last one, not having a fear of man or of others, putting my trust in God. When i am the "lord" of my life, i want to please others and myself. So i have this fear of what would this person think if i did this, what would happen if i did or said this to a certian person. i realize now though that fear is a sin!!! So every time i'm afraid to take a stand or something, i'm sinning. wow. really strikes me!

Some of these aren't really measurable, but i just kinda came up with them today, so if you can think of anything that can help me, that would be great! Luv you all! And i hope you guys are striving to please God in all that you do! It can be really hard sometimes, but hopefully there are people around you to encourage you in that path. Oh, i just thought of another goal:

4. To encourage others to be on fire for Christ. If i want people to encourage me, i need to first encourage them.

That's it for now! Sorry this is a long one, but i haven't posted in awhile.



At 10:50 PM, Blogger Hannah Banana said...

That is so good!! I will help keep you accountabil(sp?), ok? I love you a million green gummy bears!! XOXO

At 11:43 AM, Blogger Rachelle said...

thanx Hannah!!! I love you a million yellow mike and ikes!!

At 10:52 PM, Blogger julio said...

tenniball rocks.


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