Saturday, June 26, 2004

Well... we had vbs this week and blah blah blah!lol j/k. Since every1(well alot of peeps) have been posting about vbs i decided not to so you don't have to listen about the same things twice or three times(or read). i figured you already had all the info! lol. Well Lindz and I have been lifting weights and practicing for vball! it's been fun!(except the fact we wake up the next morning sore -a little bit sore-lol.) We want to get ready for vball camp! i can't wait! it's gonna be alot of fun! Also i'm going to the wilds right after vball camp and if you're going the week of July 11-17 then we all have hooked up to meet @ cool beans @ the first free time! so if you're at the wilds try to meet! that is if i you know actually know you! lol. well my aunt and uncle are here from Minnesota! It's been fun too! Oh! I got a new comforter! it's really cool! it's a denim one from dockers! I'm soo excited! (and i'm not getting loud cause you can't here me! Ker, abs, and linzlol. j/k) well that's all for now! ttyl luv ya'll! bye!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I finally got my blog all set up! I have links now and a cool tagboard! I hope Lindz and Lindz are having fun! I wish i could be there, but that would be selfish!lol. (It would) I been on the internet too long so g2g! luv ya'll! bye

by the way I LOVE CASTING CROWNS! ~*~rachelle~*~ :)

Monday, June 14, 2004

I forgot to tell you this, but it's MISS LAURIE'S 40TH BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS LAURIE! (that's mrs. dutton too)lol. :)

Hi guys! I havn't posted in a while! sorry! i went to the bike trip last week and it was a blast! Lindz, Abbie, and I were in the front the whole time! And when we took a break, it was b/c the leader said we had to stop to have everybody catch up! the tunnel was awesome! in the middle you couldn't see anything except the end of the tunnel! So you couldn't make any sudden movements with your bike or you would fall(which i didn't). Also I went to Alpha and Omega!(youthgroup camp) It was a blast too! we had to have it @ the church b/c of all the rain! It was still fun, even though we had to play capture the flag outside in the parking lot and soccer field! my team FBI won!!!! :) And i was playing fooseball w/ rob cochran and we beat Sam and Nathan two times and won three times in a row against other people! Then we played against Trevor blake and David Heber and they won against us twice!!!!! i got really frustrated! I was the goalie the whole time too!lol. well g2g clean up for people coming to my house for a conference! luv ya'll ttyl!