Friday, April 23, 2004

Hi guys! FABA is over! I had fun today though b/c there were more things to go to! I am really glad that our band and choir got 1st!!! And we got overall music and speech!!!!! Also Lindz G. and I got 1st on our sacred piano duet!! There was this guy named Marcus that doesn't go to our school and he started talking to me and Lindz. He was also doing the hands thing you know! (i dunno how to say it, like DUDE)lol! Then he started following Lindz and kept waving at her! It was really funny! Then this guy asked one girl who goes to our school what her phone number was! It was a weird day! It's alos Mrs. Heim's 40th birthday!!!! (Our band director's wife and Abbie's mom) We're going to Dog n' Suds tonight! Hope you have a great weekend and I'm sorry GA people didn't have two days off!:-(

This is my new smiley: *~:-) (I kinda forget!)lol Luv ya! bye!